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on Tue Jun 19 2018, 17:34
White Wolf State College is a fictional college located in a town called Wolf Creek. This town is based on the city of Medford, Oregon. All locations surrounding Wolf Creek are existing locations, but named differently for roleplay purposes.
Wolf Creek is located approximately 45 km north of the northern California border. The Pacific Ocean is about 120 km west of the city, and is the nearest coast. The nearest river is the Rogue River (13 km), and the nearest lake is Blackwater Lake (21 km). The nearest interstate highway is I-5, which runs northwest-southeast through the center of the city.
Wolf Creek's climate is considerably warmer, both in summer and winter, than its latitude would suggest, with a Mediterranean climate. Summers are akin to Eastern Oregon, and winters resemble the coast. Residents do experience snowfall during the winter months; however, it melts fairly quickly.
points of interest
Rogue River
Blackwater Lake
As its name suggests, the hue of the water in this lake is noticeably darker than usual. Thanks to the volcanic rocks hiding beneath the surface the water has this distinct colour. Nonetheless, it is deemed safe to swim here.
Crowley City
A two hour drive along the US-199 S takes you straight to the city of Crowley. This coastal city is popular for its beach and attracts a lot of tourists.
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