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Mort Lennox
Mort Lennox
Name : Wolf
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Major: Cyber Security
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Year: Freshman Year

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on Mon Jun 18 2018, 21:19


1. took a gap year to travel europe
2. always goes to bed too late, regrets it every morning
3. has a cousin, Kaz Brekker
4. likes pancakes
5. got arrested when he was 14 because he hacked an FBI database
6. drives a red 1968 camaro
7. has a conspiracy theory blog
8. addicted to red bull
9. goes outside when it rains
10. for some reason, knows how to pick a lock
11. has a lot of potential but lacks the ambition to turn them into useful skills
12. takes making a wish on 11:11 seriously
13. wants to see the northern lights
14. believes in ghosts
15. has an obsession with star wars
16. tends to overshare personal information
17. broke his nose once, which left a visible scar
18. Mort is short for Mortimer
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